jQuery quicksearch plug-in

A jQuery based plug-in for filtering large data sets with user input

This is an improved fork of the original work of riklomas https://github.com/riklomas/quicksearch. This plugin is now maintained by @DeuxHuitHuit

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Note that the usage has changed in the latest version of quicksearch, the code is not backwards compatible, the form and input are not build by the script any more.

$(input_selector).quicksearch(elements_to_search, options);

Example on table rows

/* Example form */
    <input type="text" id="search">

/* Example table */
            <td>Test cell</td>
            <td>Another test cell</td>

<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.quicksearch.js"></script>
    $('input#search').quicksearch('table tbody tr');

Example on the <th> elements on a table row

$('input#search').quicksearch('table tbody tr', {
    selector: 'th'

Example of how to use with JS

var qs = $('input#id_search_list').quicksearch('ul#list_example li');
$('ul#list_example').append('<li>Loaded with Ajax</li>');

Example of how to use with Ajax

var qs = $('input#search').quicksearch('table tbody tr');
    'type': 'GET',
    'url': 'index.html',
    'success': function (data) {
        $('table tbody tr').append(data);



Functions are always call'd or apply'd, so except this to be the plugin object.

For example:

$('input#search').quicksearch('table tbody tr', {
    'delay': 100,
    'selector': 'th',
    'stripeRows': ['odd', 'even'],
    'loader': 'span.loading',
    'noResults': 'tr#noresults',
    'bind': 'keyup keydown',
    'minValLength': 2,
    'removeDiacritics': true,
    'onBefore': function () {
        console.log('on before');
    'onAfter': function () {
        console.log('on after');
    'onValTooSmall': function (val) {
        console.log('value ' + val + ' is too small');
    'show': function () {
    'hide': function () {
    'prepareQuery': function (val) {
        return new RegExp(val, "i");
    'testQuery': function (query, txt, _row) {
        return query.test(txt);

Help make quicksearch better!

If you have a bug fix, the best way to help would be to:

I can't promise to answer every question about quicksearch, but please do report bugs here.


Now licensed under the MIT License: http://deuxhuithuit.mit-license.org


jQuery quicksearch was made by Rik Lomas at Lomalogue. It is now maintain by Deux Huit Huit

Thanks to Seth F. for fixes and Krzysiek Goj for the testQuery and prepareQuery option updates